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  • Taking laxatives and diuretics, contrary to popular belief, does not in any way prevent absorption of calories. The digestive tract gradually adjusts to the laxatives and increased doses are required in order to have the same effect. Physical complications, such as water retention, edema, and changes in the digestive tract frequently occur.
    Diuretics, taken alone or in combination with laxatives, also have only a minimal and temporary impact on body weight. They cause only water loss, for the most part, and lead to serious long-term physical complications.
  • Appetite suppressants contain primarily amphetamines, which, in addition to reducing appetite, cause sleep disturbances, may lead to dependency and are accompanied by a number of unpleasant side effects. They should be prescribed only in cases of obesity and only for a short period (a maximum of two months).

  • Excessive physical exercise can have serious consequences, in particular on the joints and the cardiovascular system.

All of these attempts to compensate are, in reality, illusory and dangerous. For only minimal results, they trigger binges and perpetuate the vicious cycle between absolute control and loss of control, between restrictions and binges.
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