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You have feelings of guilt, shame or profound remorse during eating binges or when you feel as if you have eaten too much and lost control of your behavior.

You are obsessed about your weight or body shape, and you must expend boundless energy to compensate for the binges that might cause you to gain weight.

If you are bulimic, you have developed methods of compensation, that is to say behaviors that you hope will counteract the consequences of the binges on your weight:
  • Dieting (fasting or restricting food), or attempting to permanently give up certain foods that you consider to be fattening.
    Recent scientific data, however, have shown that diets produce the "yo-yo" effect (weight loss is followed by weight regain, often resulting in a higher weight than that at the beginning of the diet), that they lead to weight gain over the long-term and to endocrine changes ("dysmenorrhea": difficult and painful menstruation).
  • Vomiting. This method is very common among people suffering from bulimia. Different people do not always use it in the same way; some vomit a number of times per day, after practically every meal, while others vomit only after binges. This method is physically and emotionally damaging, it produces hunger (the ancient Romans were well aware of this and made themselves vomit in order to be capable of continuing their "orgies") and can even provoke the onset of binges or increase their intensity (maybe you have eaten more so that you could vomit more easily). It indeed reduces the physiological and psychological barriers to overeating. Moreover, vomiting, especially when it is chronic, does not prevent the body from absorbing a significant amount of the calories ingested.
    The most common physical consequences of vomiting are: electrolyte disturbances (dehydration, lack of potassium => heart rhythm disturbances), enlargement of the parotid glands (swelling of the lower portion of the face), esophagitis (painful swallowing) or, very frequently, dental cavities (erosion of enamel by gastric acid). With regard to this, we advise you not to brush your teeth immediately after you have vomited, because this increases enamel erosion.
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