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All binges are not alike:

A single person may have "classic" binges involving a rapid intake of a very large number of calories, in particular from high-carbohydrate foods which she usually prohibits from her diet, as well as "subjective" binges in which eating a normal meal triggers an intense fear of gaining weight accompanied by the same feelings or shame and losing control as in a "classic" binge.

Potential binge triggers:
  • Elements related to eating and food

    • being confronted with high-calorie foods

    • feeling as if you have broken an eating rule

    • thinking intensely about food

    • being in the habit of bingeing

    • feeling bloated after a meal

    • etc.
  • Negative thoughts and anxiety about your weight and your figure

    • feeling fat

    • feeling as if your clothes are too tight

    • finding that you weigh more than you thought

    • etc.

  • A vulnerable state of mind

    • being depressed

    • feeling empty, lonely or isolated

    • feeling anxious, tense or fearful

    • being disappointed or annoyed

    • experiencing a fit of rage or anger

    • etc.
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