Psychological problems associated with bulimia
  • Depression is by far the most frequent problem, involving lack of concentration, energy, and self-confidence, feelings of guilt, low self-esteem, irritability, social withdrawal, a sense of powerlessness associated with anxiety, etc... It is generally considered to be a consequence of bulimia, but it also helps to maintain the problem: bulimic binges allow a person to temporarily escape a depressive view of the world (the three depressive principles are: "the world is disappointing", "I am not capable", "I have no future").
  • Mood swings related to inconsistent eating patterns and weight fluctuations will cause relationship difficulties with family and friends, sometimes dramatic, and, in turn, increase feelings of frustration and isolation, as well as a poor self-image, thus encouraging an escape into bulimic behavior.

  • Social adjustment problems: most people who binge or who feel fat will withdraw socially. Some will even refuse to be seen or have social contact, sometimes for a number of days. Most often, they avoid participating in social events involving meals (weddings, parties, family reunions...).
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