The Self-Help Guide was developed as part of the project: SALUT (Intelligent Environment for the Diagnostic, Treatment and Prevention of Eating Disorders.)

The project is part of the European Research and Development program: IST (Information Society Technologies) and is jointly funded by the European Commission and the Swiss Federal Office for Education and Science (OFES).

The goal of SALUT is to develop online and mobile applications to facilitate access and exchange of information about eating disorders. The project also seeks to develop new tools to help in the prevention, and treatment of eating disorders.

More information about SALUT is available on the project website:

The online version of this Self Help Guide was developed by HUG (University Hospital of Geneva) and NetUnion (Lausanne, Switzerland) in collaboration with other partners in the SALUT project.

The illustrations were created by Laurence Arcadias under a copyright agreement with NetUnion.

For general information about the SALUT project, please contact the project scientifique and technical coordinator.

M. Tony Lam
Avenue de Villamont, 19
1005 Lausanne

tel : 021 351 53 66
email :